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Apartments for Sale in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi
Our polluted ecosystem can no longer cope with all its natural mechanisms, and this is the fault of human actions.

An example of the correct use of human forces, knowledge, and deeds. An example to follow all the cities of the planet and the very first eco-friendly city in the world to operate with zero carbon emissions, exclusively on alternative power sources. And while some cities are destroying the natural exoskeleton of the planet with their usual actions for mankind, Masdar City plans to become the main protagonist in the battle for an environmentally bright future.
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Properties for Sale in Masdar City

The alternative energy sources, privileges and even minuses of a utopian clean city, which, perhaps, will remain only a green project of the future. Why is this possible? You will find it out now. Masdar City is the world's first zero-carbon green metropolis plan being developed in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The metropolis, which will work almost entirely on solar energy and other repeatable energy sources, will be the very first case of an eco-city in the world. All other projects will be completed by the 2025 year.

With the growing demand for innovative technologies, convenience and wealth, ecosystem pollution has become an inappropriate guest in the world to come, along with technological progress that is growing in nothing.

In the modern world, it is impossible to imagine a space free of pollution. The megalopolis Masdar has the determination and courage to suspend this unwanted guest.

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Fully Eco-Friendly City on The Planet

    Masdar City is a unique place, it is the first fully eco-friendly city on the planet. The whole city functions solely thanks to alternative energy sources, and therefore there is absolutely no carbon emissions that destroy the ozone layer and harm the ecology of the planet. This is an example of what all cities should become in the future , where we will all be responsible for our planet and stop harming it. If you want to live in such a future right now, Masdar City is the best solution.

    Masdar City: about district of Abu Dhabi Masdar City

      Masdar City is a large-scale and ambitious project of a completely environmentally friendly, "green" city with zero carbon emissions. Such indicators will be achieved primarily due to the fact that exclusively alternative sources of energy will be used in the city - primarily, solar, which is abundant here.

      The decision to build such a city was made by the Abu Dhabi authorities. The renowned UK architecture company Foster and Partners created their project, entitled The Masdar Initiative. It is planned to complete the construction by 2030.





      Handover: 2021
      From AED 750K
      Al Raha Lofts is the group's first development in the highly sought-after area of Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi. Both residences have expansive views over either the canal, or the main boulevard and offer ample parking for all the apartments. The dynamic design of Al Raha Lofts complement each other with their cascading facades.


      1% Monthly
      Al Raha Lofts Two is positioned directly alongside Al Raha One and enjoys the same canal location which will see the two residences operate as one community, each benefiting from the common areas and leisure facilities on offer. With a canal running through the area, the waterfront location of the development makes it awesome.


      1% Monthly
      Located on a landscaped central boulevard in the heart of Masdar City, the development is within close proximity to the IRENA Headquarters and the Masdar Institute. The residences also allow for direct access to the 'green belt', an expansive landscaped park area which offers various recreational and cultural facilities.
      1% Monthly
      Ideally situated, this development takes pride of place on the 'green belt', a luscious landscaped area carving through the center of the residential district of Masdar City. Situated between this green oasis and the shopping mall, the location allows for convenient access to all the recreational and leisure facilities that Masdar City has to offer.


      1% Monthly
      The different selection options of apartments allow residents the possibility of choosing according to their own needs and preferences. Oasis Two offers contemporary studios that are fully equipped with elegantly designed interiors to suit the personal proclivity of all our clients. Directly facing the park, the penthouses vary in number of rooms.

      THE GATE

      1% Monthly
      Reportage Properties is proud to introduce Masdar The Gate Residence, a mid-rise residential apartment building with facilities in Masdar City in Abu Dhabi.
      The building features a unique design that creates a contemporary look that is unsurpassed in Abu Dhabi. Masdar The Gate Residence features 463 apartments.
      Masdar City
      The city is a low-carbon development comprised of a rapidly growing clean-tech cluster, business free zone and residential neighborhood, as well as shops, restaurants and public green spaces.

      The city contains one of the largest clusters of low-carbon buildings in the world. Buildings are designed to high sustainability standards and certified by the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities' (DPM) Estidama, or LEED green building rating systems. Community amenities are certified under DPM's Estidama Pearl Community Rating System.

      How It Works

      The construction of a grandiose project initiated by the Abu Dhabi authorities began in 2006, but was delayed in 2012 due to the economic crisis. At the moment, construction is still in the first phase, about 5% of the total area of the innovation city is built up. The total budget of the Masdar Initiative is set at 22 billion US dollars, of which 15 billion is financed by the authorities of the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

      The general contractor is Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (ADFEC), a subsidiary of the state-owned corporation Mubadala Development Company

      It is estimated that the city's population will be between 45 and 50 thousand people and about 60 thousand people will come to work daily in Masdar City. The city will be equipped with the most advanced technologies, bringing comfort to a new level. For example, in the city center there is a wind tower 46 meters high, which is also a telephone tower. The tower is designed in such a way that it accumulates cool air from above and directs it to the streets of an eco-metropolis. In addition, the city itself is located on a hill. Due to these factors, it is achieved that the average temperature here will be much lower than outside the city (which stands in the middle of a hot desert). The temperature will be maintained at a comfortable level of 15-20 degrees. In addition, the buildings are designed to maintain shade on the streets, protecting residents from the scorching sun.

      An innovative city exists exclusively through alternative energy sources. To ensure this, 87,777 solar panels were placed on an area of 21 hectares. In addition, the solar panels will be placed on the roof of many buildings. The houses themselves also include a lot of innovations: for example, there are no switches and water taps - everything will function exclusively due to motion sensors, which will significantly save resources. According to the forecasts of the designers, the savings will be about 50%.

      Transport in the city also follows environmentally friendly trends: it is planned to minimize the number of personal cars, and passenger transportation will be organized through general and personal automatic transport systems moving along special routes.

      The Masdar Initiative project involves the construction of a high wall around the entire urban zone in order to protect it from the hot desert wind. The lack of motor transport will make it possible to divide the urban zone into many shady streets, green areas, parks and gardens, through which a light cool breeze will constantly walk.

      Economic Apparel

      It is planned to open more than 15,000 enterprises and institutions in the city, mainly specializing in developments in the field of environmentally friendly technologies, production and sale of related products and general goods. There will also be a new Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, whose work will be closely linked to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

      All this, of course, makes the direction attractive both for scientists, for investors and just people who care about the environment.

      Residential property prices start from 500,000 dirhams - for studios; AED 1,097,000 for one-bedroom apartments; AED 1,870,000 for three-room apartments. Residential areas of the city are equipped with everything necessary:
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      White Sandy Beaches
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